Cafeteria, National College of Arts, Lahore

The NCA Cafeteria project was awarded to SRDW after winning a design competition organized by the National College of Arts. The jury included prominent architects of the country.

A canteen is not only a meeting place but also a heart of any institution especially NCA. It is inherently an informal and improvised space, Where people come to get to know each other, argue, conspire, discuss, make friends, challenge enemies, gossip, and of course eat and have a cup of tea.


Concept: Summary of Guiding principles

a series of guiding principles that shaped our design response included:

-“Being Seen” Respect Key Public Views: Create a response that takes into account key views i.e: On entering the Gateway from the Mall, The corner of The Mall and Bank road

-“Seeing From” Create Opportunities to View from and through the proposal

Respect the existing context – Especially the original college building and the relatively new Fine Arts Block.

-Respect Nature: Keep the mature tree! It is an asset not an obstacle, and becomes the focus of the scheme!

-Maintain a Courtyard space between the fine arts building and our proposals, actually enhance it as a flowing Flexible positive space.

-Create a new experience  of the facade of the Original building and reveal the West elevation as a new experience

-Create new ways of showing student work, the boundary wall provides an opportunity to be used as an improvised gallery and can be enhanced to be used as a an outdoor space to show an ongoing exhibition of fresh student work.

-Create a simple Form and Massing which does not compete with the Existing Buildings. While being respectful to the adjacent buildings it should add a contemporary  contribution to the ensemble of the whole institution.