SR Designworks is an architecture, interior, planning & landscape design consultancy firm known for the quality and uniqueness of its design work, and for its attentiveness to client needs.


Specializing in well designed & finely crafted institutional, commercial and residential projects, SRDW commissions span over a variety of building types including schools, hospitals, banks, retail outlets, office buildings and residences as well as corporate & residential interiors. The firm provides a full scope of services: feasibility and zoning studies, architectural design, interior design and furnishings, site planning and landscape design. We also participate in large scale planning and urban design projects.
Clients with various interests and different needs keep the design process exciting for us, and inspire us to create an ever-growing range of architectural expression. Our projects do not follow any specific stylistic trends but instead tend to respond to the client’s needs and aspirations developing their own individual vocabulary.


Our effort is to provide design solutions that are responsive to their context and are appropriate to budgetary limitations. We seek to respond diligently to environmental and climatic concerns. In every project, our intention is to provide a service of the highest quality.


We feel fortunate to have an exceptionally talented group of architectural professionals in our firm who bring knowledge, experience and genuine enthusiasm to the design process. We collaborate together on projects with local as well as international associates, assembling in teams to accomplish the services that our clients and projects require.
Knowing that our ultimate responsibility is to our clients, we design and provide services that satisfy the needs of each client’s building program, schedule and budget. With each project, our firm continues to grow in breadth and depth, responsiveness and flexibility.


At SRDW, we seek to honor the best of timeless building traditions while staying at the cutting edge of twenty-first-century building technology and design.