Location :Faisalabad
Year :2008 - 2011
Area :45,000 sqft

The Beaconhouse School in Faisalabad is second in a series of modular schools being designed by us for the Beaconhouse Group. This is a concrete frame 40,000 square feet structure. Like ‘The New School, this is a test structure for rapid design and construction. For the sites owned by the Beaconhouse group we are opting for convention construction using concrete framing and concrete block masonry. For other site recoverable steel is the preferred choice.

The material of choice for the façade is local lime stone, oxidized copped cladding and fair faced concrete with copper patina as an experimental material. Metal trellises and screens are used extensively as shading devices. Concrete shades at the lintel levels are being used to reflect light into the class rooms. Class rooms are cross ventilated and all external walls are designed for better thermal performance.