Amin Maktab – Outreach Programme Campus Lahore

Year :2011

Under the auspices of the Pakistan Society for the Welfare of Mentally Retarded Children, Amin Maktab was established in 1962 as a special education centre. The centre was a pioneering effort and has now grown into a recognized centre in Pakistan, with its own building, qualified and well-trained staff, and adequate equipment. It can accommodate 100 children.

Amin Maktab (the outreach programme) was started in 1991 to provide outreach services to the homes of children with mental retardation residing in economically depressed areas especially the kachi abadis of Lahore. Satisfied with the outcome of the effort, UNICEF agreed to help expand the project and reach out to those in need of help. Teams assess these children, determined their special needs, and train their families to look after them.

To support Amin Maktab’s efforts for this cause, SRDW designed theĀ Outreach Programme Building adjacent to the main Amin Maktab School in Gulberg, Lahore.